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Posted by Stonewater on January 13, 2014

"It was my daughter's 20th birthday and she is attending TRU ,and has no family or friends out there,i am from Nova Scotia,i was talking to my daughter last night and she was very mellow,because there was no one out there to sing happy birthday or didn't have a cake,etc...she was so down,so her room mate said she would go to Mr Mikes with her for supper,so I called Mr Mike's and explain it to Kara Sharron,that my daughter(Morgan) will be going there for supper with her room mate,and explained she has no family or friends out there and this was the first time she was ever away from home and she was very mellow etc..,, and I was wondering if I could buy a cake and if she could sing happy birthday to her,Kara explain to me that they don't take credit cards over the phone, but she could do something better,she said she would give her a cake and sing happy birthday to her and give her a hug and tell her me miss her and happy birthday from her mom and dad,and she would pay for it herself,well I was shocked,i couldn't belive that someone I never met,and have no idea who I was would do something like this for my daughter to make her better and make her day,this is amazing,Well with this said,i told her what she looked like,when my daughter arrived there and was sitting down Kara came over and asked her if she was Morgan, then gave her and her room mate a cake and sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a hug and said we miss her,My daughter(Morgan) was so excited she called me from the rest, she was so excited that this happened,she said this was the best  surprise she ever had,she cried and was so happy to think think that this lady she never new would do something like this for her to make her day now this is what I call outstanding costurmer service,I can not thank Kara enough ,to know that she made my daughters birthday a perfect one and made her feel so special on her birthday, as her mother I couldn't be there and help her because she was so down and sad,that Kara who I didn't know did this for me to make my daughters birthday perfect ,there is no words to explain my thankfulness,so I am writing this to make sure everyone know that there is still kind loving people out there,Thank you so much KARA SHARRON from the bottom of my heart,could you please let Kara know that I said thank you   Yours,Truly Joanne Forbes."

-Kamloops January 8/2014

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