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Posted by Stonewater on Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Honestly, the service this location provides it outstanding from the moment you enter to the moment you set foot outside. Everyone is amazing. By far the best service in Prince George. The manager is ALWAYS helping out, whether it is checking on customers, helping his staff when busy and cleaning off tables when extremely busy. This impressed us all so much and every time we go in he is ALWAYS helping. The waitress was amazing too. She was so friendly and checking on us often. A younger man helped us as well and we found out later it was the new assistant Mgr. He was so personable. I can't tell you enough about how great your staff is, every single time we come in. Someone always welcomes us when we arrive and say goodnight when we leave. I just want to let you know that they are AMAZING and thanks again for the fabulous experience! We now come back weekly and bring friends! This restaurant outshines any other restaurant that we hve been to. It seems like a postitive place to work , where staff must be treated with respect. Everyone looks as if they really enjoy working there"

-Prince George Feb 28/2013

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